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Return to Africa – 2022

Good friends dropped us off at the airport on January 16 and we, of course, were confident that this whole pile of bags would arrive in Johannesburg the same day that we arrived. We were so wrong. The two very large suitcases, bringing many lovely gifts to many lovely people, went to Amsterdam. After two days of phone calls, promises and much consternation, they arrived at our hotel in Johannesburg. What a relief!

We spent the first few days in Johannesburg reconnecting with old friends and making a few new ones.

And then we began reconnecting with our people at St. Brendan’s.

Saturday arrived and the real fun began with a visit from the grade 8 class led by their boarding mistress.

Sunday, we’ll gather with 45 girls who have been a part of Bakhita Charities over the past twenty years. We’ll celebrate with them and give them the wonderful gifts that so many of you prepared . . . the gifts that took a side trip to Amsterdam.


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