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  • Maggie and John

A Welcome Gathering

All twenty-three Bakhita St. Brendan’s learners spent a great deal of time preparing the requisite welcome ceremony for us. The event was planned, choreographed, and led by the girls. There were two emcees, several speeches, musical numbers, and dance. It was very well-rehearsed and presented, a true joy to see the growth and maturity of our girls.

The highlight was an original song composed by these young women just for us – to express a warm welcome and gratitude. Yes, it brought tears to our eyes.

Following the program, we had the fun of giving each girl her gift bag prepared especially for her by kind and caring friends.

The gifts were appreciated and are already in use.

All gifts are appreciated, but none brought outright laughter like the MyFace Sox that we brought for several of our good friends and helpers.

Our daughter Amy and granddaughter Maggie have arrived from Seattle for a visit here in South Africa. It is so nice to be sharing this adventure with them.


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