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Bakhita Village


In 2002, during the height of the AIDS pandemic in southern Africa, almost one-third of the population was HIV positive or had full-blown AIDS.  Deaths were greatest in the 20 – 30 age group leaving behind many orphaned children with no one to care for them.

Bakhita Village opened in 2002 as an emergency response to care for these children.  It was a home that provided food, clothing, medical care and education along with a loving atmosphere to girls who were traumatized, poor and very vulnerable.  For the next fifteen years more than 150 girls called it home.

The home has now closed and transitioned to the Bakhita Outreach Program that supports the most vulnerable children in a personal home setting with a guardian – usually an extended family member.  The goal is still the same – to provide a safe shelter, food, clothing and medical care with an emphasis on education.

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