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Introducing Ester

Ester is a quiet and soft-spoken grade 11 student at St. Brendan’s High School. As a young child, she moved into Bakhita Village as she had no parents or any other guardian to look after her. We could tell right away that she was bright and very well-mannered.

In South Africa, children enter high school in grade eight and it is often a struggle for them to acclimate to a high school setting, but Ester managed well. Her problems began in grade nine due to bullying by some students who didn’t like that she was quiet and wanted to follow rules. It became quite a serious situation, one that required intervention. These difficulties led to Ester having to repeat grade nine.

Through lots of heart-felt talks with our colleague Sr. Rotee and support from Bakhita Charities, Ester became that kind, quiet and bright girl that we remembered. She really is an absolute delight; doing well at school and set to graduate in 2022.

After graduating from high school, Ester plans to go on to university and earn a law degree to pursue a career in the South Africa Justice System. She believes that she can really offer help to others who are navigating a difficult situation. And just as she will make a difference in lives of others, all our generous donors have made a life-changing difference for her.


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