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COVID-19 Update – A Few Return to Classes

South Africa’s strict lockdown during the height of the pandemic has helped the children of the country avoid contracting the virus and has allowed for a partial return to school. Last week high school seniors in most of the country were able to return to classrooms.

At St. Brendan’s, there are about 100 high school seniors who are living in the dormitories and attending classes. All personnel and children are required to get a temperature check and quick health screening each day for two weeks to ensure that the group is virus free. They are required to wear masks and practice social distancing. So far, things are going well for this soft re-opening.

The Bakhita Outreach Team has delivered food, hand sanitizer, soap, and masks to the children in the villages who remain in a quarantine phase. At this time, everybody is healthy and eager to get back to school.

Our partners, the Sacred Heart sisters who run the Holy Family Care Center, have managed to keep more than 85 children – many of whom have compromised immune systems – safe and healthy. All education is taking place at the Center so that no children leave the premises. Two of our Bakhita tertiary students have moved into the Center to help with the care of the children.

We are grateful for all who have helped during this crisis, including our partners on the ground in South Africa and all of you who continue to donate to Bakhita Charities.

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