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The Story of Molatelo

We met Molatelo when she came to Bakhita Village at age 7. She and her sister were living on their own after the death of their mother. Various extended family members occasionally offered help to the girls, but most of the time they were on their own and had to rely on neighbors for food and water. The two sisters were brought to Bakhita Village and Sr. Nancy welcomed them and gave Molatelo a reason to smile.

That miracle was short-lived, however, as the Bakhita Village home closed in 2017. Molatelo and her sister were taken to live with the legal guardian who had no intention of caring for them. We visited them in the shack where they lived, and it was a very sad day.

The Bakhita Outreach Team went to work and found a better living arrangement for the girls. The team engaged the local social worker and did everything possible to keep the girls safe and secure until they could enter St. Brendan’s. Because of Sr. Amaka’s and Mme Dinah’s hard work and diligence, and thanks to our wonderful donors, Molatelo experienced another miracle last month when she became a new grade 8 boarding student at St. Brendan’s. Here, she is living in safety, surrounded by people who care about her, getting three meals a day and an education for the future. Again, she can smile.

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