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Outreach Team Success

A notable accomplishment of last year was the diligent completion of everything necessary for six of the girls being helped in their villages by the Outreach Team to enter St. Brendan’s. In addition to the opportunity for a good education, they have safe shelter, the comfort of other Bakhita sisters, and three square meals a day. It is really a miracle in their lives.

Five of the girls entered grade eight.

A sixth girl is Lettie, whom we have written about in the past. Lettie was raised at Bakhita Village and began her high school education at St. Brendan’s. During grade nine, she felt that she needed to leave the school to care for her granny who is blind and had no one to care for her. Lettie was not able to attend school for a whole year and missed her education opportunity and all her Bakhita sisters very much.

The Outreach Team arranged for a local woman to care for Lettie’s granny in her home – receiving compensation from Bakhita Charities – and Lettie was able to return to St. Brendan’s. She is now in grade ten and is very happy to be here.

We visited Lettie’s granny one day and left her with a supply of food and her favorite cold drink – a two-liter Coke!

Later that evening we spoke with Lettie as she was leaving her study period and told her of our visit to granny and that things were okay at the house. Lettie replied, “Oh thank God. Now I will sleep peacefully!”

It has been a very gratifying experience to see these girls – who have been given the chance of their lives – eagerly coming together to be a family of supportive sisters as they prepare for their future. Thanks to all of you who have supported them for so many years!

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