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Outreach Visits Continue

We were hopeful that the Sacred Heart Sisters would be able to re-open the Bakhita Village home this year, but they have decided against it at this time. Although we are very disappointed, we continue to care for the girls who were at the home when it closed through ongoing and expanded outreach efforts.

Throughout 2018 the Bakhita Outreach Team, consisting of the two of us, Sr. Amaka, Sr. Rotee and Dinah Chabalala, has been visiting the girls and supplying them with food, school supplies, medical help, cooking lessons – or whatever was needed, including an intervention to move them to a different home.

Now in 2019, we are continuing the Outreach Visits with the added attraction of the gift bags that we brought with us. Those gift bags have travelled a long distance, leaving from Michigan and arriving in several remote African villages.

As we learned during last year’s visits, there are always more kids than expected at each of our stops. So, we fill our truck with food, extra clothing, shoes, toys and, of course, the requisite candy. The children are thrilled, and their guardians are especially happy to know that people care about them.

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