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Saint Bakhita Feast Day

We are again fortunate to be at Bakhita Village on the Feast Day of Saint Josephine Bakhita. This year is also the fifteen-year anniversary of the opening of this home for girls. So, the celebration feast day mass was even more special.

As we were leaving South Africa in 2002, after living here for two years, two women who had helped with the start-up of Bakhita Village, made us a beautiful candle as a memento of the opening of the home. The candle has the name of each of the first fourteen girls to live at Bakhita. This year, we returned that candle and it was placed on the makeshift altar and used at the mass celebrating Saint Josephine Bakhita. The candle also commemorated all the girls who have lived here for the past fifteen years.

The mass was organized by the Sisters and all the girls participated regardless of their faith background. In fact, the girls led all the singing and read most of the prayers and readings. They began with an upbeat procession that certainly proclaimed the beginning of the mass. Some of you will notice the dresses that you bought and packed in those plastic bags!

The mass was followed by the requisite cake, cold drinks, singing and dancing. A fitting tribute to a merciful and inspirational saint.

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