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Sunday Morning at Bakhita Village

We all usually attend mass at St. Brendan’s School Chapel on Saturday evening, so Sunday morning has a more leisurely beginning and the day is spent catching up on laundry, eating a big meal around noon and, of course, some outdoor playtime.

The house mothers wash and hang the big stuff, but the girls are responsible for hanging and carrying in the small stuff.

This Sunday lunch is chicken, rice, beetroot, and lettuce and the girls sit outside on the porch to eat. Partly because the eating area is a bit small and very hot but we suspect the house mothers find the clean-up is easier. Feeding 27 children can be a messy business. The girls wash up the dishes outside on the porch and then a final sweeping and it’s all done.

After lunch everyone plays outside for a bit. It was 95 degrees and the ants and thorny grasses were a challenge for us, but the girls didn’t seem to mind.

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