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New Toys on Sunday Afternoon

Earlier on Sunday, the girls did housework, ate Sunday dinner and played outside on their playground equipment. Later in the afternoon Sr. Nancy allowed them to get out all the new toys they were given in their gift bags. After the gift bag opening two weeks ago, the girls have waited patiently for the opportunity to play with their new toys. Kind of like seeing your gifts under the Christmas tree but not being able to touch them.

Sr. Nancy first made sure each girl had her thank you note written to the gift bag maker, all homework done and all preparations for school on Monday before they could play with new toys. It was delightful and fun to watch them opening their bags again and taking out the toy that they knew was waiting.

Older girls helped the younger girls figure out how to play with or assemble their toys and we all helped with card games. Some of the grade 8 girls, who did not get toys, very graciously helped the younger girls learn how to use the looms to make bracelets. They enjoyed seeing a finished product.

Let the playing begin! Soccer balls, Frisbees and jump ropes in action.

Toward the end of the afternoon, Rosina decided that Maggie looked too hot and her hair was just too bushy, so she volunteered her salon services to tie Maggie's hair up with one of the bands from the loom. She said, “Now you will not be so hot!” It worked.

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