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Gifts for All 2016

Answer: Nancy Clancy!

Yesterday was the day the Bakhita girls have been waiting for since they heard the news of our return to Bakhita Village. The Gift Bags!!

First, the girls had many tasks such as cleaning, raking, laundry and helping Sr. Nancy prepare for a celebration of Saint Josephine Bakhita’s feast day on February 8. But at last the work was complete and we all gathered around the two big blue suitcases filled with gift bags so lovingly prepared by many generous friends and parishioners of CTR.

Each girl received her bag and sat down quietly and cheered for her sisters as their names were called to receive a gift. Then the cards or notes were read by the girls before digging into the bag. The dresses always come out first and the trying on begins.

The Bakhita girls who are attending St. Brendan’s joined in the fun and received gift bags as well. Theirs were smaller in size however, because they received an envelope of cash to help with miscellaneous expenses.

The house mothers also received gift bags and theirs also held an important envelope. One of the mothers told us the following day that she was so grateful because now she could purchase a jersey (sweater) for her son who really needed one. Mothers are the same the world over.

After the bags were examined, dresses, pj’s and shoes tried on and toys examined, we took a photo of the girls holding their bags and the sisters holding the empty suitcases. It was a fantastic day of joy and gratitude.

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