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Celebrating Saint Bakhita

February 8, was the Feast Day of Saint Josephine Bakhita. Around here, it may be bigger than Christmas! The day was chosen by the Vatican as her feast day as it is the anniversary of her death in 1947.

The Sisters organized a great celebration mass attended by 50 people in one of the Bakhita Village rooms. The girls led the priest in the entrance procession, did the readings, and led the singing and prayers. It was quite inspiring. Many of the girls come from different faith backgrounds, or none at all, but they are all happy to participate in the many aspects of the mass.

The mass was followed by a program of speeches, songs, food and dancing. It was quite a celebration and we were happy to spend the whole day assisting with the preparation. By late evening, we were all exhausted but glowing from the success (and heat) of the day.

There is a St. Josephine Bakhita page on this website if you wish to know more about her and her sometimes sad but heartwarming story. Below are photos of the makeshift altar arranged for the mass and the opening procession.

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