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Return to Bakhita Village 2016

After spending a day calling on key people in the diocesan headquarters in Tzaneen, we finally reached Bakhita Village. Our return was as delightful as we could possibly imagine.

The sisters were very welcoming and treated us to a delicious lunch and when the Bakhita girls returned home from school, they were tremendously excited to see us. Sr. Nancy and Sr. Helen prepared a welcoming gathering with prayers, speeches, songs, dancing and, of course, the requisite extra special sweet treats.

The newest and youngest Bakhita girl, little Maggie. She is learning how to join in with her sisters for prayer.

John is getting reacquainted with Keitumetse, a lovely and clever grade 8 girl.

The girls were quite ready for silly photos.

A couple of the girls innocently told us that we were a little bigger than last year – a very high compliment in their culture. One little one compared her hands and skin to Maggie’s and declared that hers were much more beautiful. Out of the mouths of babes! The evening was fantastic and will be topped only by the giving of the gift bags on Sunday.

Whose hands are more beautiful? That’s easy to see!

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