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Appreciation and Awareness

Many generous and kind friends and parishioners from Christ the Redeemer church have supported Bakhita Village for many years. As we were preparing to return to South Africa and Bakhita Village, we wanted to thank all of our loyal donors and also to raise awareness of the plight of the children who have been orphaned in South Africa and who are living in poverty with no one to care for them. Fr. Joe Dailey graciously let us hold a Bakhita Village Appreciation and Awareness event at the church. Many donors and other interested people attended and it was great opportunity for us to show photos, tell stories and engage people in conversation about these girls. We ourselves are very appreciative for the opportunity and for all who attended.

Each time we travel to Bakhita Village, we take a gift bag for each girl. The bags contain a dress, sandals, PJ’s, underwear, sox, a book and a toy. As we are preparing for our February 2016 visit, we asked people at the Bakhita Appreciation and Awareness event to help fill the empty blue suitcases with gift bags for the girls. We brought 2 ½ gallon empty Ziploc bags with the name, age and photo of the girl who will be the recipient. All the bags were taken and will be returned to us filled with gifts for the girls at Bakhita Village. We are looking forward to taking those filled bags and filled blue suitcases to South Africa where they will be very appreciated.


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