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Work Time and Play Time

Some time ago, a local organization donated some computers and monitors to Bakhita Village. They were in storage waiting for the right person to come along and get them ready for use. John spent a day working on them and managed to put together five functioning systems. Today we bought new mice and power cords and tomorrow the girls will be able to touch a computer for the first time.

John Working on Computers - Blog.JPG

The girls spend a portion of each day completing school homework, and Saturday is no exception. The House Mothers dedicate themselves to helping the girls complete the necessary weekend work.

The afternoons are spent doing usual play time activities. The girls are very creative figuring out games to play using available items such as stones. We couldn't quite get the rules or the object of the game, but they definitely knew what they were doing and who was winning and losing.

Playing with Stones - Blog.JPG

While many of the girls were playing with stones or chasing each other in a game of tag, Maggie got to spend time just pushing a couple of girls on the swing. They appreciated the attention and the easy ride.

Playing on Swings 1 - Blog.JPG

Playing on Swings 3 - Blog.JPG
Playing on Swings 4 - Blog.JPG
Playing on Swings 5 - Blog.JPG
Playing on Swings 6 - Blog.JPG

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