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Saturday at Bakhita Village

Our day starts as we drive one of the girls to a clinic to receive her antiretroviral medication. The clinic is not far away but the roads are bad and the whole process takes more than 3 hours. The other girls start their day with a general sweeping and cleaning of the area. Each girl has tasks to be finished before play can begin. Housemothers oversee the work.

Sweeping - Blog.JPG

The weekend is a chance for the girls to do their laundry with help from housemothers. The play structure is a good place for hanging undies. A couple of games and the laundry is dry.

Playing and Clothes Hanging.JPG

The afternoon meal is a major undertaking in a hot, small kitchen. The girls sit on a porch outside to eat.


We end the day by using our computer to show Bakhita photos on a television. We show them all the photos from this current visit and all of our previous visits, including some photos of the original group of girls from 2002. They are very interested and thoroughly enjoy seeing themselves on TV.

Watching TV.JPG

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