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Empty Suitcases

On the Feast Day of St. Bakhita, February 8, we were welcomed to Bakhita Village with prayers, songs and dancing.

Group Welcome - Blog.JPG

The following day, along with Sisters and Bakhita Village house mothers, we distributed all the lovely gift bags provided by friends and CTR parishioners. The girls carefully looked at each note or card before digging into the bags.

Grils Reading Cards - Blog.JPG

The girls were overwhelmed with joy at receiving new clothes, shoes and toys. Even the girls who were formerly living at Bakhita Village and have now moved on to St. Brendan's Boarding School got in on the action; each received a nice gift.

Maggie and Irene - Blog.JPG
Maggie and Charlotte - Blog.JPG

Afterwards they put on their new dresses and posed for a photo before the singing and dancing began.

Group Photo - Blog.JPG

Then we all looked at those empty suitcases and said a prayer of thanks for the many generous people who keep Bakhita Village open. We are all thankful for the blessings we've received from folks at home.

South Africa 117.JPG

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