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Special Projects

Roof  Repair


During the 10th Anniversary Celebration at Bakhita Village, rain began to fall.  Rain is always appreciated in the desert regions of Africa, but as it rained outside rain also poured into the living quarters of Bakhita Village.  The roof was badly in need of repair and there was not enough money in the bank account to fund this project.  Bakhita Charities went to work and raised enough money to roof the portions most in need.

Hot Water


Sr. Merrily Lee is discussing some of the special projects that are needed.  She noted that generally, the girls bathe and wash in cold water that is brought into the house from a well on the property.  During the winter months, the water is very cold.  Bakhita Charities sent a request to donors and raised money to install a solar water heater so that the girls could bathe in warm water during the winter months.  Fortunately, even during the winter there is always lots of sunlight!

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