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International Support

The funding for Bakhita Village comes from Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Australia and individual donors, churches and family foundations here in the United States.  Bakhita Charities was started as a way to raise money for Bakhita Village.


There are a number of wonderful individual families who make donations monthly, quarterly or annually to help these girls continue on a path to healthy and happy lives.  One of the main objectives of Bakhita Charities is to provide education for the girls so that they are able to live independent and fulfilling lives.


Bakhita Charities helps pay for school fees, school supplies and transportation expenses to area schools.  Individuals have also supplied much-appreciated extras such as a play structure for outdoor fun, clothing and shoes, monogrammed handmade pencil boxes and games.


For the past several years, more than 70 donors have given Bakhita Charities more than $ 20,000 per year and 100% of the money went directly to the girls support. 


Please join others who make regular donations or a one-time gift to Bakhita Charities and help these girls to live better lives.

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