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Changes at Bakhita Village - December 2017

Bakhita Village began in 2002 as a response to the need for food and shelter for girls who had been orphaned due to the AIDS pandemic sweeping southern Africa. Since then, more than 150 vulnerable girls have called it home. It has been run by an order of sisters, the Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, who have faithfully ministered in Africa since 1925. But like many orders, their numbers are shrinking, and they are unable to staff all their projects.

We are deeply saddened to report that the sisters have decided to close Bakhita Village at the end of 2017 for an indefinite period. It was a difficult and painful decision for the sisters, but they decided that there was no alternative. They will reevaluate the situation in about a year and are hopeful that they can reopen.


In the meantime, each of the current residents is going to live with a guardian. We will visit the girls  soon and help to make sure that they are enrolled in a local school and have all that is necessary for school start-up. They will go to their new places with a generous food parcel that we will restock when we visit.

Consequently, a new phase of Bakhita Charities will begin by transitioning to an outreach program for the girls previously cared for at Bakhita Village. With faith, determination and your support, we will continue to reach out to these girls and do the best we can to help them as they adjust to their new homes.

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