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Outreach Visits

As part of our annual trip to South Africa we visit all the children that Bakhita Charities supports some of whom live with guardians in nearby small villages. Each child receives a bag made up of gifts donated by generous folks at home. Their guardian receives a food parcel to feed the family for several weeks. Sometimes the child is blessed with a pointed adult lecture about the importance of her education. The visits are joy filled and uplifting.

The Outreach visits always come with a few humorous events and this year was no exception. We have been helping to support one special granny guardian who is blind. This special lady needed someone to look after her so that her granddaughter, Lettie, could attend St. Brendan’s, and we hired someone for that task. We have made several visits to granny and this year when she heard John’s voice she declared, “That man has come back to me. He will be my husband.”

Along with gifts for our Bakhita girls, we always take lots of extra items to give to the neighborhood children who often magically appear when we arrive. One stop this year had kids running to the truck from all around knowing that it may be their lucky day. Each child received a gift, and a large part of our stash was distributed. Christmas in April.

We are grateful to all the kind, caring and generous people who donate the many items that we give away. Our only wish is that you could all witness the smiles of gratitude and share in the fun.

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