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Good-Bye For Now

We said good-bye to our wonderful friends at Bakhita Village and St. Brendan's School. Sr. Helene and Sr. Nancy organized a dinner for us with all of the Sisters the night before our departure. They feted us with a delicious dinner that included two roses they said represented their love for us and ours for all of them.

We were also honored at Bakhita Village with songs from the girls, gifts of African clothing arranged by the sisters, and a lovely wall hanging signed by all the girls.

On the last morning, we went around St. Brendan's to say good-bye to some of our friends who have been so good to us and so supportive of Bakhita Village. Maggie Strydom, finance manager at St. Brendan's, has voluntarily taken care of the finances at Bakhita Village since its founding.

Johan Strydom and his apprentice Silence Mukoma keep all things working at St. Brendan's including water flowing, electricity being generated, machinery working, grass cut, trash taken away and countless other tasks. Together, Maggie and Johan take care of all kitchen activities including food preparation for 410 boarding students. They are a blessing to the school.

And finally, we had to say good-bye (at least for now) to the girls at Bakhita. It was a sad day but also a very happy one as we all remember what a nice visit we had with them. We will continue to stay in touch and we look forward to returning again someday soon.

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